• We Supermax Industries P Ltd. Manufacturer and Exporter of Rubber Reclaiming Agent i.e. Di Aryl Di Sulphide (DADS) in India Since 1999 which is used for rubber recycling. We are located in North India with the capacity of 125MT per month. Our Quality Standards makes our product best from other manufacturers.
    We have one of the best upgraded techniques and process for the super fine quality of the product. Our team of Rubber Engineer and Chem Engineer in our R&D department are on regular checking of each and every batch. Our Laboratory having all standards equipment to check the chemicals at every step of the process, Before transferring the batch to the final section, we have a rubber cooking process to check the material. Once it passes through cooking, we pass the material for packing.

    With the experience of 16years in Rubber Reclaim Family in Domestic as well as in International markets by sharing the views and requirements with our members, we had developed some the best reclaiming agents which are successfully accepted by the reclaimers family and they are using on regular basis.