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About Supermax

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We Supermax Industries P Ltd. Manufacturer and Exporter of Rubber Reclaiming Agent i.e. DiAryl DiSulphide (DADS) in India Since 1999 which is used for rubber recycling. We are located in North India with the capacity of 125MT per month. Our Quality Standards makes our product best from other manufacturers.

At Supermax Industries, we manufacture Rubber Reclaiming Agent which is used in the rubber recycling industries. We manufacture as per the requirement of the customer and strictly focus on all the parameters which decide the quality factor. We are constantly keeping our research going towards much better & environment friendly Rubber Reclaiming Agent. We also strictly follow the International Standards which allows to export our product to international market.

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Why Supermax

We have one of the best upgraded techniques and process for the super fine quality of the product. Our team of Rubber Engineer and Chem Engineer in our R&D department are on regular checking of each and every batch.

Safety First

We double check all our components to ensure the safety of our structures.

Uncompromising Integrity

We fulfill all our projects within time and on budget, as promised.

Work Specialization

We specialize all our products to meet specific use cases of different clients.

Meeting Customer's Requirement

Our wide range of components can help meet even the most extensive client needs.

Quality, Without Question

We only feature high quality products, in both raw materials and client structures.

Honest Design & Analysis

We always provide an authentic view of the project, irrespective of the challenges.

Our Products